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Conveyorware2020 e-Commerce Business Distribution Software

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  • Conveyorware2020’s depth is ideal for any size business – from start-ups to multi-site facilities---no expansions required…Conveyorware2020 grows with business needs!
  • Menu and Field level “Help” feature -- saves everyone time and money!
  • Conveyorware2020 Software includes Customer, Inventory and Order Management, and posts to the General Ledger resulting in Financial Statements and Analysis.
  • Hosted UPS with API’s for FedEx and (USPS); common carrier shipping.
  • Years of RPG and Java programming integrates all features in ONE software.

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What if…

  • You could strengthen your position among the competition?
  • You could supply customers the software needed to manage daily business operations?
  • Each customer could choose the specific software features they need?
  • You could scale your services effortlessly?
  • Your new market opportunity was growing and global?

Why not…

  • Invest in a product already developed, tested and in active use?
  • Support the longevity of millions of small and medium size businesses?
  • Connect with a product that can provide an immediate ROI?

You can…

  • Extend your product offerings and alliances with a high retention solution.
  • Provide a comprehensive and scalable business distribution management system.
  • Target millions of e-commerce, order fulfillment and distribution enterprises.
  • Help entrepreneurs grow their companies using diverse business intelligence.
  • Deliver a proven, full-featured and easy-to-use business distribution system through your current marketing channels.

Conveyorware2020 is ideal for selling thousands of items, on  multiple websites,
manage dozens of warehouses and can operate in 60 languages.

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